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My name is Lucy. I'm here to help you create your PAVE User Profile. This profile allows you to securely login to the PAVE Portal at any time (24/7) from an up-to-date web browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE Explorer.

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Enter your First and Last name used to sign legal documents.

For example, I would sign legal documents with my first name, "Lucy" and my last name, "B"

Enter your Username by using an email address where you want PAVE to send you correspondences.

For example, I will enter lucyb@pave.com since this is where I do most of my emailing

Here's the tricky part, coming up with an 8 or more character password. This password must contain at least: 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 number, and 1 special character allowed by PAVE: ! " # $ ' % , & * + - () / : ? ; = @ { } _ [ ] ~

For example, think of a phrase you will remember like, my cats meow. Now put it into a password like: Myc@tsm30W

Enter your phone number. I prefer that you use your personal cell number so I can send you a text message just in case you forget your password. Don't worry, I will safeguard this number and will not give it out to anyone.

Example: include area code, (999) 888-7777

You may want to use a separate email address to recover your password just in case someone else has access to your Username and Password. Never hurts to be safe.

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Last step.  Select the location where I can send you the 6-digit verification code.  Once you enter the code, select Verify.  Once the correct code is entered, I will log you in.

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